Regulatory reporting Banks

Regulatory reporting software is an innovative solution to automate central bank reporting requirements.


  • Removes the monotony of labour-intensive manual report preparation and data entry errors
  • Facilitates reconciliation of report data to source systems and various audit reports for all summary reports
  • Creates reports other than regulatory reports such as Head Office reporting
  • Generates statistical reports for all kinds of activities supported by charts/graphs
  • Generates risk and credit monitoring reports
  • Creates outstanding and monitoring reports for efficient operations


  • Designated to Download data from any back-end system and upload to Report tables using SSIS (MSSQL)
  • Ease of use as system plugs into Crystal Reports, reporting tool for generation of reports
  • Extensive database programming for better performance
  • Independent of any programming languages/tools
  • User Access level defined through a group access profile; uses Single Sign On (SSO) authentication
  • Menu-driven Rerun process for report generation
  • End-to-End automation of daily data uploads and report generation process
  • Developed using .NET/MSSQL database/Crystal reports
  • Designed to run on any version of Windows Platform

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Regulatory reporting software
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